Women in ICT 2020 Virtual Seminar

Date and time: 29th August 2020; 09:00am - 14:00pm
Venue: Online

The world of opportunities in 4IR (Resilience edition)

Without any warning we have been projected into a future world, where we must adapt to stay relevant.

COVID-19 and the changes within our social and economic landscapes as a result of it is a prime example of this. Globally, there has been a change in strategy, and we have had to find new and innovative ways of working and functioning. Instead of viewing the pandemic as a setback, many saw it as an opportunity to reinvent their business models and themselves using the available technologies.

With the progression and enablement of 4IR, we as Womxn need to take our place at the table and contribute to our evolving digital world. By doing this, we can show we are resilient and capable of taking advantage of change and with it, the opportunities that are presented to us.

This is a free and online virtual event powered by On The Ball College.

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